Luton van conversion cost

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Luton Conversion??? Thread starter Ian Cole Start date Jan 13, Ian Cole New Member. Could be a dumb question but has anyone seen or heard of a luton style van having been converted to a motorhome? Clearly more space and being square edged, much easier to convert. Thank you all in advance Ian - still planning - still learning.

BwB Well-Known Member. I did read, a few years ago, about a guy who was in-between flat rentals. He needed to store his stuff for a couple of months between ending one lease and starting another. After staying with friends for a few weeks he thought he'd outstayed his welcome and decided he could sleep, in his own bed, in the back of the lorry.Extra Large VanPrices.

The furniture only prices and particularly Large VanPrices. The furniture only prices and particularly the flat pack kit PricesSmall High Roof Van. People CarriersPrices. Other People Carrier Price List Below are some example prices to give you an idea of how much a conversion or furniture package will cost. VW Caravelle Price List Below are some example prices to give you an idea of how much a conversion or furniture package will cost.

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The furniture only prices and particularly the flat pack kit prices should be of benefit for anyone attempting a self-build camper Mazda BongoPeople CarriersPrices. Below are some example prices to give you an idea of how much a conversion or furniture package will cost.

luton van conversion cost

Each image shows the van it was based on, although they can be adapted to suit other vans. Also remember these are examples, if you have your own ideas or would like a combination of more than one layout we can build to individual specifications.

For prices and available options please see our Large and Extra Large van prices pages. Prices Click a van size for more details and budgets. Contact us. For example layouts for different size vans check the other layout guide pages on our site. When deciding on a layout it is good practice to look at what has been done before, go to motorhome shows or large dealers where you can have a browse around. Bear in mind that what might look great in a photo or layout diagrammight not be ideal for everyone in practice, so to go and have a look inside and a walk round existing motorhomes can give you a better idea of what you can expect to fit in a given sized van.

The next thing to consider is that when it comes to a camper van interior, everything is always a compromise, the ideal would be a coach sized motorhome to fit everything in that you want, but that would fit in a car parking space at the local supermarket, and that obviously isn't possible!

So it comes down to compromise. Decide what you need in your camper, what you'd like in your camper, and what you could do without. Do you need one?

Some people will, some people won't. If you already have your van, once you have a layout in mind it is a good idea to try it in the van, this can be done by drawing it on the floor or marking it with tape, you can then get an idea of what space will be left, what gaps you'll have to walk through, etc. And don't forget the wheel arches! Arches can often get in the way of fridges, toilets, etc, so try to bare them in mind when planning your layout. Below you will find some example layouts with approximate prices for furniture and cushions prices are a guide and can vary either way depending on van model and finer details - please see prices page for more details.

The diagrams are intended as a guide, you could possibly combine your favourite parts of more than one layout to come up with something that is right for you.

If there is nothing that seems ideal, you can always email us with your own unique layout and we can give you a quote based on that, all we need is a detailed description or better still a diagram and we can give you an accurate quote.We took our love for vans one step further and set ourselves up a fully mobile workshop which we tow behind our Luton or Renault Trafic to offer a fully mobile service helping other people convert their vans, as well as carrying out full conversions.

Mobile workshop trailer. Enables me to carry out van conversion work, resprays, etc. We work both in the UK and throughout Europe on a mobile basis, though we do have a small base near Worcester M5, J6 in the West Midlands with an outdoor area in which we can work outdoors.

Converting a Luton in a carpark near Brighton! Richard is probably most well known for his micro camper conversions and of course the Luton van conversion in which we live full time. Utilising small spaces for optimum usage is something we pride ourselves on and love designing. A great example of this is our most recent Kangoo micro camper into which we not only managed to fit in a kitchen with hot and cold running water, but also a toilet, hot shower facility and under-floor chiller compartment.

Kangoo micro camper with hot running water, shower, under-floor fridge and even a toilet! On a larger scale, our own home is the conversion of a Luton van into a house on wheels. Probably the most well known Luton van conversion on the internet, this has been a full time home since Cutting out the rear quarter of a Sprinter in preparation for replacing panels and re-spraying. Knowing full well that we may have to learn as we go, and have back-up plans at the ready too! MWB Sprinter. Damaged panels cut out, new panels welded in.

The first attempt at major bodywork repairs! Having the van owner assist us in our work not only helps us get things done more efficiently, but gives the owner a fun and pleasurable learning experience. We love taking ideas and turning them into reality. Adapting swivel seats to fit a camper conversion. Much fabrication needed but an outstanding end result! Kitchen unit made for an Iveco conversion. All hand made from sheets of Pine. A Luton van conversion in progress.

VAN CONVERSION COST $$$ - How much money to build an off-grid stealth van

This conversion took 20 days from an insulated box to family home. We love to add interesting and creative ideas to any project I take on.So you are thinking about a campervan conversion?

You want to get into vanlife, or get a campervan to travel around with during your holidays? Then a van conversion is a fun and cost-effective way to get your own campervan! But a van conversion is not for everyone. This article is perfect if you want to get a high-level introduction that takes you through the whole conversion in 12 steps. I rank each steps according to 4 factors and give them a score with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

Enjoy the read, check out the videos and detailed blogposts and if you have any questions, feel free to comment! If you are short on time or this guide does not answer your questions, you can also read the 10 most asked questions about my campervan conversion. If you are interested in how expensive vanlife is, read this blog. Location: do you have a good place to work on your van? Not disturbing the neighbours?

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Electricity and light? If not, this will influence your budget a lot! You have enough skillful people to help you? Any other commitments? Long holidays coming up? I cleared all my weekends but 2 for a period of 3 months and I can tell you, it was very tiring! Stripping the van was good fun!

It started out with much excitement as it is the first real step of your van conversion. We started out with taking all the existing interior out. Wooden panelling, the floor, the cabin. This was mainly because the backseat cabin was stuck really badly with glue. Other than getting all the glue off, preparing the van for the campervan conversion was an easy activity. I had a buyer within one day of posting the ad!

The cabin was in pretty good shape and had only minor damages, but anyway it seemed an easy sell. Read more about this part of the van conversion in the detailed blogpost about stripping the vanor ask me questions below this article.

Insulating your campervan is super important. Although travelling with a campervan is not the most sustainable travel method, I did want to make conscious choices for the materials used in my van. I initially thought about using sheep wool or another ecological responsible material. But when I talked to some camper builders, they strongly recommended against this.

Sheep wool is famous for absorbing water and this is NOT what you want in your van. Instead, they recommended using Xtrem insulation material. A flexible, lightweight, affordable material that is super easy to cut and self-adhesive.

Luton Conversion???

It does not absorb water and is great for sound and heat insulation. Then we started on the Xtrem material. It had come in big rolls that we could cut out. The cutting of the pieces was super easy with a sharp little knife and fun to do.

Taking off the sticky layer and put it on the wall! The Xtrem insulation material fitted in every little corner and insulating the whole van was a piece of cake!The material on these pages describing our camper van conversion has been moved to our new new site dedicated to efficient RVs and camper vans.

The new site covers all the material here and adds a lot of new material on other camper van conversions, camper van design and build, resources for people converting vans, other efficient camping vehicles, new ideas in efficient RVs and camper van travel hints.

I'm leaving these pages here as you may have bookmarked them and the Comments section has some good suggestions, but I suggest that you go to the new site -- I won't be updating this material anymore. Thanks to all the people who read these pages and especially to the people who left comments and suggestions! Feedback on the new site is very much appreciated.

The van has a very simple plumbing system. The fresh water supply side consists of the 17 gallon fresh water tank, a 12 volt pump, and a single PEX line to the kitchen sink -- no hot water heater. The grey water drain system consists of a drain from the kitchen sink to a grey water tank under the van, and an outlet to dump grey water overboard. There is no toilet blackwater tank or drain as we plan to use a composting toilet, and there is no shower, although we might add an outside shower panel later at the back of the van depending on how things go.

The fresh water tank is from Plastic Mart. They offer quite a few sizes, and we were able to find one that fit our space well. They will install fittings in the tank where you want them and to the size you want. I don't have a vent fitting on the tank, and not sure what I will do about this -- maybe just leave the threaded plug on the filler fitting a bit loose? Update: Feb -- based on first trip, the leaving the filler plug a bit loose seems work fine. The 17 gallon capacity is a bit on the small side as far as commercial RV's go, but the fact that we will have a composting toilet and not be using any of the water for toilet flushing makes the effective size of the tank quite a bit larger.

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We also don't have a shower. It also seems like potable water is pretty readily available in most areas. Update: Feb -- Based on the first week long trip, the 17 gallons appears to be fine.

Trial fitting the tank in place. It goes into the forward end of the passenger side bed. The tank in position. The fill port is the large fitting on top. The red PEX line is going off to the galley on the other side of van see floor section for routing. These are screwed to the bed box which is bolted through the floor.By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline. Most young couples know how expensive it can be to rent a place to live and to get on the property ladder. Adam Croft, 29, and his partner Nikki Pepperell, 32, found the cost of renting just too much to bear and wanted to create the flat of their dreams.

Scroll down for video. Adam Croft and his girlfriend Nikki Pepperell inside the back of their extra-large transit van they have converted into their new house.

Luton used vans for sale

Despite being a van and not connect to a mains water supply, the van still has a sink with water, which the couple can use to fill up their kettle.

The small compartment also has a bunk bed for the couple to sleep in and they have already spent several night in their new home. Now they have a brand new solar-powered home, complete with a kitchen, shower, toilet and a bedroom. The van also boasts windows, a porch, new flooring, full insulation and even a sofa to relax on. The couple have now gave up their office jobs and now intend to spend at least a year travelling across Europe, and possibly may never return. Mr Croft, who finished the project last week, said: 'The main idea behind it is that we found it far too expensive to rent here.

As well as a kitchen, the van has a small sofa, where the couple can relax. They also installed brand new flooring and added finishing touches such as cushions and throws. In order to keep warm in the colder weather the couple have also installed a fire, while in the summer they can open the windows they have also had installed. The couple don't have to go elsewhere to use the bathroom, as the van comes complete with a small toilet and shower cubicle. Mr Croft, 29, and Miss Pepperell, 32, had become fed-up with the cost of renting and bough the van after wanting to create the flat of their dreams.

Mouni roy makeover

At the end of the month, once we had paid for the running of the car and living costs, we wouldn't really be left with anything. There were a few points when we thought "is this a good idea?

The project was kick-started last June when the pair returned from New Zealand and spent a week on a boat in Falmouth, Cornwall. They were jealous of the freedom their friends had and wanted to do something similar themselves, but knew a boat was out of the question. Major electrical work had to be carried out on the van in order for the lights and other electrical appliances in the home to work. The work to fit out the van was carried out by the couple themselves, with them using drills and saws to give the house its wood-effect interior.

Short on money, they moved back in with their parents and began working on the van, spending money when they could. Mr Croft, who owns Cotswold Bells and is a landscape gardener, added: 'We both had a tiny bit of savings. I haven't done any building work and it was the first time Nikki had picked up a drill. A 3D model of the white transit van, which shows how the back of the van is the living, bedroom and kitchen area, while the front is the cab for driving.

We found we had a leak. We also didn't have a garage to store it in. The pair have already spent a few nights in the van but have delayed travelling while they sell off all their belongings. They are hoping to hit the road in the next two or three weeks and plan to keep a diary of the trip at www.

luton van conversion cost

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO.Moving home or transporting goods requires some serious horsepower. Unless you want to be making multiple trips, then it is likely you are going to be hiring a van to make your life that little bit easier. The most common type of van hired out for house removals is the Luton.

Reliable and spacious, the Luton is ideal for transporting large goods, and the 3.

luton van conversion cost

The problem is, it is not as simple as hiring a van, filling it to the gunnels, and off you go. All vehicles such as vans and trucks have weight limits which must be adhered to, or you will find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Van Re-sprays

So what are these weight limits and what do they mean for you? Weight limitations vary slightly between specific manufacturers and models of the Luton van, but most load limits fall between 1,kgs and 1,kgs. These limits are for the 3.

Each specific make and model will have its own specific limit and so you should check the VIN plate of the van to be sure. If you are hiring a Luton van, the hire company will be able to tell you the weight restrictions, but it is always a good idea to check for yourself.

T he main reason for weight limits in vans and trucks is to ensure that the safety of the vehicle is not compromised by carrying too much. Heavy loads can affect the handling and braking capacities, and so limits are in place to ensure you and other road users are safe while driving.

Speed and fuel consumption are the two aspects most likely to be affected by overly large loads. If you go over the maximum weight limit and damage your hire van, you will be liable for the cost of repair.

Here are some important facts to remember considering weight limits before you begin loading your hire van.

luton van conversion cost

Y ou may see two types of figure pop up when looking at weight limits, and it is important not to get them mixed up. Your load weight is how much your belongings weigh.

The GVW is the combined weight of the van, passengers, load and fuel and it is this number the weight cannot exceed, otherwise, you will be breaking the law. As well as having a GVW limit, each axle of the van will also have a limit on the amount of weight it can bore.

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